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Without a doubt more info on how exactly to Draw A anime girl body action by Step Tutorial

Without a doubt more info on how exactly to Draw A anime girl body action by Step Tutorial

In this guide you will discover extremely detailed step by step illustrations and guidelines on the best way to draw a lady character in the anime and style that is manga.

Just how to draw an anime girl action by step

Below is a conclusion of simple tips to draw a girl that is anime the leading and part views.

For drawing a female character that is anime three quarter view you can view:

Step one – Draw the Shape that is overall of Female Body

Perhaps one of the most important things to bear in mind whenever drawing the total figure may be the proportions or the connection of just one human body component to a different. Everything has got to function as right size or your character will appear odd.

Particular designs may intentionally exaggerate is legit particular proportions (just like the big anime eyes as an example) you can still find guidelines to adhere to whenever drawing.

When it comes to front view associated with woman you need to begin by drawing a straight line. This can help you make both sides associated with the figure more also. If you should be drawing two views at the same time you can include the horizontal lines to make certain that different parts of the body match in both views.

Drawing both views at a time is really a good workout. If you should be proficient at drawing one body that is particular in a single view not a great deal in another it will help you.

Drawing the top

Begin by drawing your head without the of this small details. Into the view that is front can draw a group to obtain the design for the top of your head. Into the side see it are going to be an oval that is slight.

For more on drawing anime minds and faces see:

Drawing your body

When we had been doing an even more practical searching style the human body could be about as wide as two minds side by side (perhaps not including the locks). But since we have been drawing anime draw the mind somewhat larger than that and so the human anatomy will likely to be smaller in contrast.

The design regarding the human body (whenever drawing the view that is front should always be just like an hourglass.

It is possible to draw some little circles to help you to get the design associated with the arms. Down the road we shall additionally draw these to indicate bones.

Drawing the hands

Draw the hands beginning with the arms and work your path down. You can easily draw groups to point the career associated with the bones.

When it comes to proportions and a step-by-step breakdown of drawing the arms see:

Drawing the feet

The legs must be about 50 % the length associated with the body that is entire.

Your toes (whenever drawing the relative part view) ought to be about provided that the length through the wrists into the elbow.

To get more on drawing the feet see:

You could realize that within the front view your own feet get slightly beyond the base alignment line that is vertical. This is simply not a blunder. It is because whenever we rotate the individual regarding the spot her legs would reach closer towards the viewer within the front view than in along side it view.

Step 2 – Tidy Up Your Drawing

Tidy up your drawing once you’ve founded the shape that is basic of human anatomy. You can include in a few of this smaller details for instance the throat collar bones while the a hint of this knees when you look at the view that is front.

For lots more on drawing anime necks see:

Action 3 – Draw the important points

Drawn out draw within the details including the locks and differing features that are facial.

We will maybe not go fully into the information on drawing those who work in this tutorial as these are typically currently covered various other tutorial on this amazing site. You can easily relate to the next to find out more:

Action 4 – Draw the Clothes

When it comes to garments we shall draw a couple of basic items. We shall draw a top, shorts and socks.

If you’d like to draw footwear see:

Because these types of garments are fairly slim and tight it will stick to the general outline and form of the human body.

Begin by drawing some relative lines that indicate each product of clothes. Draw these lines in smooth curves that hug the design of this human anatomy. (as an example the top regarding the socks must not merely be a straight line but a bend to show that the textile of this socks really wraps round the leg)

You may then include really fundamental folds that are small make the garments look a bit more normal.

For lots more samples of drawing anime garments see:

Step 5 – Add Color & Shading

For the finishing touches add some color that is basic shading.

In this guide we are going to draw as though our character is standing in lighting that is fairly normal either outside or inside and dealing with to the source of light that is up above her.

Any area of the human body that is less subjected to light will undoubtedly be darker.

In this situation the you could add some as follows:

  • Neck/shoulder area
  • Internal elements of the feet (front view)
  • Inner edges of hands (front view)
  • Below the knees
  • Straight Back of this legs (part view)

For an even more detailed guide on coloring an anime character you can view:

For some shading tips see:


There is certainly a whole lot keep an eye on whenever drawing a complete human anatomy of an anime character. You must be sure to have proportions that are good still maintaining the design. Luckily most frequent anime design systems are nevertheless notably just like genuine systems in order to examine pictures of genuine individuals if you’d like some guide product.

For drawing an anime that is male manga style characters see: