Poles of Distinction

All of our agpoles are molded in one piece, the classical shape of a candle.
Our berglass agpoles will not pit, corrode, or rust. This is extremely important near salt water or in rugged weather
conditions. Unlike wood that can rot, or aluminum that discolors and pits, our agpoles have an ultra-hard, gel-coat
nish that is impervious to all weather conditions.
Fiberglass will NOT conduct electricity like ALUMINUM. No ground wires. NO LIGHTNING WORRY. Easy
Our standard flag pole has a brilliant white, pre-cast gel-coat nish. Other colors are available on special request. All
poles have the same dura-hard, fade-free, weather resistant nish.

All poles come with a special designed, high quality, revolving-truck as standard equipment.
Production Process
To understand our manufacturing process, envision a metal tube or pipe cut in half length-wise and then hinged back
together. This is the steel mold. Instead of wrapping the berglass around a mandrel like other manufacturers and
waiting for it to dry, we wrap the berglass and polyester around a rubber inatable bladder and then place it inside
the steel mold which is coated internally with gel-coat.
The bladder is then inated to high pressure inside the mold. All the air and excess material is forced to the outside
and exits through this vent line. This creates the small mold mark you will see. Curing is continued at full pressure
and the resulting agpole is stronger, denser, lighter and longer lasting.