The advertising is considered as one of the most important components of economic activity in this period, and an important
element for the success of projects.
More than 20 years ago, Hajen Company had forced its way to represent a principal entity in the advertising industry and overall
printing services .
These integrated activities chain was completed by covering the fields of offset printing, and internal and external advertising (INDOOR & OUTDOOR), We had achieved this development, after the help of God Almighty, by our high trained technical staff, and the technology and machinery abilities, also with the ambition to improve the level of service and to develop advertising service in order to achieve the highest to the client and the enrichment of the local market to provide an equal works and superior to those of the global market.




Our Vision
Strive to become a world class printing and communications venture


Our Mission
Create more value and provide better services so as to promote
cultural communications for the betterment of


Corporate Culture


Encourage team spirit
Encourage people involvement and team work, with mutual care and
support, for the development of people’s creativeness and full utilization of their talents.


Continuous improvement Encourage
life-long learning; always seek to acquire the latest technology and expertise for continuous improvement strive to be a first-class enterprise drive for constant improvement, in quest for excellence